Heartbreak in Annapolis

June 29, 2018
Heartbreak in Annapolis

There was heartbreak as another mass shooting occurred in America yesterday. To simply say those words is to admit how familiar these terrifying tragedies have become. And yet, they always seem to take place somewhere else. That somewhere else was our backyard, in Annapolis, Maryland.

As longtime residents of and businesspeople in this capital community on the Chesapeake, we’re as shaken as we are perplexed.

We may never know the full story of what motivates such a senseless act. But this we do know: We live here. We work here. We send our kids to school here and get our news here. Tomorrow will be another day, and Annapolis will emerge from this tragic loss closer and stronger.

In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Capital Gazette and their families, as well as the authorities who responded so quickly and so decisively.

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