View from a Sailboat


What is a Waypoint?

By definition, a waypoint is a point of reference that can be used for location and navigation. Waypoints are typically defined by geographic coordinates or their bearing and distance from a beacon, and most often used in aviation and marine navigation.

Broad Reach uses waypoints as navigational aids to help guide our organization and team members through everyday decisions, while also navigating through the ever-changing waters of the retail real estate industry.

Aboard a Sailboat

Broad Reach Retail’s Waypoints

  • Awareness – Be aware, both internally and externally.
    • Be curious, notice what is around you, listen.
  • Urgent – Do it now!
    • Time is our most precious resource.
  • Improve – Strive to get better at everything you do.
    • Process
    • Relationships
    • Time Management
  • YES – BRRP has a YES Culture – Status Go!
    • “We can do that!”
    • Think big
  • Ignore the Noise – Ignore the naysayers, things that can go wrong.
  • Do the Right Thing – Base all decisions on what is right.
Aboard a Sailboat
  • Make Decisions – Don’t fear failure. There are three outcomes when making a decision:
    • You make the right one – Awesome!
    • You don’t make the right one – A learning experience.
    • You make no decisions – You have not made the right one, and you haven’t learned anything.
  • Believe – Significant things only happen when you believe:
    • In yourself
    • In your work
    • In the impact you have
  • Figure It Out As We Go
    • We don’t always need the answers before we take on the next opportunity.
    • Growth
  • Keep it Simple – If it’s too complicated, it usually won’t work.
    • Simplify both problems and solutions
    • Easy to over-complicate
    • Paralysis through analysis
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We Create Value In Communities

At Broad Reach, we are experts at changing the course of retail shopping centers to add value for all involved. We strive to serve our Partners, improve our Properties, and support the People who live in each community.

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