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Why Invest in Shopping Centers?

Time is the most precious commodity for today’s consumer. As a result, Americans depend on the local shopping centers that make it convenient to take care of everyday needs such as groceries, home improvements, hair, nails, health care and more.

These needs are served by 109,000 local shopping centers across the U.S. “Necessity-based” retail is always evolving, but it is more Internet-resistant than other retail sectors. Only a small fraction of shopping centers are in the hands of large owners; the majority are privately owned. The result is a highly fragmented market that is inefficient by nature. For the retail experts at Broad Reach, this creates great opportunity.

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Creating Value

  • Buys cash-flowing shopping centers with strong upside potential.
  • Develops and implements merchandising plans to meet the needs of each community.
  • This approach allows us to lease up space, increase cash flow and create value.
  • Once a property is stabilized, Broad Reach sells to monetize the value we have built.

Our process allows Broad Reach to consistently select ideal shopping centers for acquisition, anticipate retail trends and implement successful management and exit strategies. 

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Manage Local, Think National

Broad Reach makes each shopping center successful by doing our due diligence and studying the local business climate, its players and the consumers that live and work there. Broad Reach also brings national relationships and experience across many similar scenarios. This allows the Broad Reach team to align every aspect to maximize growth and success for our real estate investments. Broad Reach’s scale allows us to bring national perspective while staying in touch with daily operations and business forces in each market we serve.

woman getting her nails done at a salon during the covid pandemic

How To Invest

If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities with Broad Reach, please contact us below. On an individual basis, we can share much more detail about our investment strategy, past performance and our current offerings. You will have an opportunity to speak with our CEO, Nate Tower and other members of our team, to ask questions about real estate investing and discuss your personal investment goals.

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We Create Value in Communities

At Broad Reach, we are experts at changing the course of retail shopping centers to add value for all involved. We strive to improve Properties to serve our Partners and the People who live in each community.

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