Broad Reach Brings Results

In retail, your space is everything – it’s the platform from which you sell goods and services. But there is so much more that goes into a perfect location beyond just the cost. Our team of experts takes a consultative approach through the six-step process below. We work to understand your business and find the perfect location to maximize your profitability:



Before we do anything, we listen. We want to understand both your immediate and long-term needs. Then we can tailor our recommendations to your sweet spot and produce maximum results. 



We will develop a list of sites that match your criteria. Because of our deep knowledge of all things retail as well as our local market expertise, we’ll bring you options that are exhaustive, yet targeted. 



We will present you with the results of our research. We will be candid about the pros and cons of each location and incorporate your feedback to deliver a list of finalists. We are data-driven and provide targeted demographics, traffic counts, and relevant information about alternatives. 



Broad Reach will schedule and accompany you as we visit each proposed site. We will also provide an overview of the market area so that you can truly understand each possible location in its proper context. 



We approach each offer and negotiation with this in mind, “What if this were OUR business?” We will work closely with you to develop or respond to each proposal, armed with relevant data. 



Broad Reach brings decades of experience negotiating retail real estate transactions. We have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve a successful outcome.


The Bottom Line: Broad Reach has the experience & savvy you need to succeed!

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