Broad Reach is Always Shopping!

We are always in the market for shopping centers with potential. We specialize in necessity-based centers that have a strong anchor or shadow anchor. Contact our acquisitions team to discuss your opportunity.



Value-Add – Grocery-anchored retail with strong sales and upside through lease-up or development.

Redevelopment – Shopping center with vacant anchor space suitable for redevelopment. 

Single centers or portfolios



Open to opportunities nationwide with a preference for midwest, southeast and east coast.



Up to $75M for single assets and up to $200M for portfolios.




Nathan S. McKay

Acquisitions Officer

Direct 443-832-6005

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Broad Reach manages all aspects of construction, build-out and redevelopment of shopping centers. Our approach to construction stresses the importance of value engineering. Broad Reach seeks to maximize the potential of each dollar spent. 

We analyze design, building features, systems, equipment and material selections to ensure all essential functions are achieved with required performance, quality, reliability and safety. Our team of experts actively manages the construction bidding process, selecting not necessarily the lowest bid, but the best group to get the job done right. 


Our team members pride themselves on their ability to not only identify potential issues but also address them head on and work through them. Broad Reach experts adhere to a 120-item shopping center evaluation checklist.


This checklist yields an issue list— Broad Reach experts then collaborate on how to solve each potential problem, all while keeping the process moving. Our experience in resolving tenant, environmental and title issues allows us to see opportunities and solutions where others may not!



Experts at turning around shopping centers, few companies understand the economics, logistics and market potential of retail redevelopment better than Broad Reach. With a strong focus on necessity-based retail, we are particularly interested in redevelopment opportunities that afford the addition of a strong retail anchor.



Broad Reach Treats Your Property Like It’s Our Own

Property Management is About Asset Appreciation & Cashflow

As owners of shopping centers, we not only understand this, we live it every day. The key is developing a comprehensive plan that maximizes the full potential of each property. Our experienced team includes property managers and relationships with outside vendors, accountants, leasing agents and marketing groups that have both the focused attention and experience to ensure your property cashflow is maximized and asset appreciation occurs. Our key approach is listening to the ownership’s goals and objectives and then developing a focused action plan that meets these criteria. This may include but is not limited to:



Focused property-specific plans that start with an annual budget. 



On income stream – market rental and operating rates, lease administration, billing and collection. 



Reducing operating expenses through real estate tax analysis, reduced construction costs, debt options.




Broad Reach launched a brokerage division in 2017 to apply its vast retail experience to assist landlords and tenants. Broad Reach applies the same thorough approach we use for our own properties to understand the unique needs of each shopping center and retailer with whom we work. This is our niche, our passion and our exclusive focus. 


Over the years, landlords and tenants have repeatedly asked for our advice and assistance with their retail real-estate needs. Our brokerage group can offer clients a full range of services, including:


  • Landlord Representation

  • Tenant Representation

  • Property Management

  • Asset Management

  • Fee Development

  • Construction Management

  • Investment Sales

  • Real Estate Investment


Beyond Filling Vacancies

We think like a landlord, because we are one. We take a consultative approach to helping you maximize the potential of your shopping center. We work to understand what each community needs and what it will take to optimize your tenant mix. Then we research and target specific tenants to find the right fit. Not just a company that can pay the rent, but a tenant that is most likely to thrive in your center. The goal is to maximize profitability for both parties. Here’s more detail on how we make this happen:  



The first step in this process is the creation of a merchandising plan. This is well thought out and catered to the specific needs of the center while also meeting the demands of the community that the marketplace serves. We consider factors such as the market (past, present, and future); voids in that market; and the mix of your current tenants. We believe that if you can’t calculate the needs of a property, you can’t market it. 



Once a plan is in place, we create a list of potential tenants. By identifying gaps in the market, assessing community needs and evaluating existing tenants, our focused research identifies businesses that would make the most productive – and thus the most profitable – use of your property. The clearer the vision, the easier the plan is to execute and increase the value of your asset. 



Broad Reach has brokered thousands of long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. We have transformed dozens of shopping centers into thriving hubs of commerce that service the needs of the community. We also study the market extensively, including competition, regional employment, demographics (micro and macro), etc. 



Broad Reach invests the time to actively market your space. While signage, marketing flyers and electronic listings are helpful, we create value by investing time and taking a proactive approach to leasing.

Let Broad Reach be your advocate and ensure success.



Broad Reach Brings Results

In retail, your space is everything – it’s the platform from which you sell goods and services. But there is so much more that goes into a perfect location beyond just the cost. Our team of experts takes a consultative approach through the six-step process below. We work to understand your business and find the perfect location to maximize your profitability:



Before we do anything, we listen. We want to understand both your immediate and long-term needs. Then we can tailor our recommendations to your sweet spot and produce maximum results. 



We will develop a list of sites that match your criteria. Because of our deep knowledge of all things retail as well as our local market expertise, we’ll bring you options that are exhaustive, yet targeted. 



We will present you with the results of our research. We will be candid about the pros and cons of each location and incorporate your feedback to deliver a list of finalists. We are data-driven and provide targeted demographics, traffic counts, and relevant information about alternatives. 



Broad Reach will schedule and accompany you as we visit each proposed site. We will also provide an overview of the market area so that you can truly understand each possible location in its proper context. 



We approach each offer and negotiation with this in mind, “What if this were OUR business?” We will work closely with you to develop or respond to each proposal, armed with relevant data. 



Broad Reach brings decades of experience negotiating retail real estate transactions. We have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve a successful outcome.


The Bottom Line: Broad Reach has the experience & savvy you need to succeed!


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